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It is common that in the same resolution the former directors are discharged from their corporate liabilities.

In the event that the company has a Supervisory Board, this body should approve the shareholders' resolution to dissolve the company.

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All cases are different, so depending on the individual case, some of these may apply: Personal claims – if directors have given personal guarantees then they could be liable to pay debts attached to these themselves in the case of insolvency.

In such case the company "revives", but solely for the purpose of re-liquidating the balance; to the extent that the beneficiaries have received too much, the liquidator is authorized to reclaim the balance already distributed.

The accelerated liquidation The standard liquidation procedure may be accelerated if the liquidator, after the shareholders' resolution has been adopted, the registration with the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce have been taken place, and the (then known) debts of the company have been settled, is willing to distribute the remaining assets of the company among the beneficiaries by way of a so-called distribution in advance.

Voiding of disposal of assets – Once a winding-up petition has been presented it is likely that the disposal of any assets could be voided.

If a company wishes to sell goods or make payments for supplies while a winding-up petition is in progress, it must first obtain authorisation from the court Banking facilities default – Most business loans will have covenants attached.After expiration of the two-month waiting period, the actual distribution of the liquidation proceeds may take place, unless objections were raised.

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