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Not only was he charming, smooth-talking and debonair but, thanks to his Army training and riding, he was slim and fit.

Another attraction was that he had noble blood and connections with royalty going back generations.

Andrew’s affairs were just a fact of life and not something Camilla often spoke about.

It was only those closest to her who knew quite how standoffish and cold Andrew could be towards her — and how deeply, bitterly hurt she was by his infidelity.

With her own parents so far away, this meant a great deal to Lucia.

The Shands were warm and welcoming, even inviting her to spend Christmas with them and leaving a pillowcase full of presents at the end of her bed.

One floor below, Camilla was sharing a flat with her friend the Hon.

Virginia Carington, whose father was the Conservative politician Lord Carrington.

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They had first met in March 1965 at Camilla Shand’s ‘coming out’ party as a debutante — a cocktail do for 150 people at Searcys, a smart venue behind Harrods in Knightsbridge. A ‘deb’s delight’ par excellence, Andrew was then 25 and a rather beautiful officer in the Household Cavalry.

His parents — particularly his father, Derek — were close friends of the Queen Mother; and in 1953, at the age of 13, Andrew had been a page boy at the Queen’s coronation.